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The Great Train Robbery Full Movie Hd 1080p Download

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a5c7b9f00b Four gunmen plan to rob a train, not only of its cargo, such as money, but the valuables on the possession of the passengers. They are not averse to shooting to kill anyone who is out of line, which includes anyone not listening to their instructions. To pull off their plan, they have to subdue the manager of the station where they plan to board the train, board without anyone noticing that they are doing so, subdue anyone guarding the cargo, and take over the engine so that they stop the train to corral the passengers in one area while they are being robbed, and then make their getaway. Even if they are able to get to this stage, they may have to deal with those who now know what they've done, a posse which very well may be on its way.
Among the earliest existing films in American cinema - notable as an early film to present a narrative story to tell - it depicts a group of cowboy outlaws who hold up a train and rob the passengers. They are then pursued by a Sheriff's posse. Several scenes have color included - all hand tinted.
Before I start, i want to apologize for my English. My English not perfect, so don&#39;t panic if you see some grammar mistakes i made while writing this review :-) <br/><br/>–- <br/><br/>&quot;The Great Train Robbery&quot;, directed by Edwin S. Porter, is another interesting view on the beginning of cinema, Porter used special techniques in the film, that no one saw before.<br/><br/>The main technique of the film is of course the method of showing stuff from windows, like moving trains, although it&#39;s not there, to give the viewer feeling of movement without actually go anywhere while film-making it. a technique that is used until this day. Porter also played with the linear time of the film (Example: the scene at the telegraph office, when Porter shows the man who got tied up, recovering, and it all happens while the robbers are on the run.) This sort of things were&#39;nt used before in films, and thats why this movie is so important.<br/><br/>The story is nice, but i got that feeling that the director wanted the viewers to be excited by the funny stuff, rather then the plot itself (like the dancing scene), but you know what, I forgive you, old Porter :-)<br/><br/>The scene which in my opinion was the most powerful in the film, was the scene which all of the robbers taking out all of the passengers from the train, and then this one guy escapes and they shoot him, right away, cold-blooded. It&#39;s a very good way to show the intentions of the robbers, and illustrating that they are the bad guys, and it can&#39;t be changed.<br/><br/>But although the robbers are the bad guys here, we (the viewers) kinda wants them to succeed in the robbery, and that is another reason why i&#39;m thinking that this movie had something new in it.<br/><br/>The ending was kinda cool, with the gun and all, i heard that when people first saw this, they got scared, and felt uncomfortable. But when people see this scene now, it&#39;s laughable. I guess we can get the same effect that people experienced than, from 3D movies, where things pops out from the screen at your direction.<br/><br/>In total, i think you should give this movie a chance, all of the great movies we have at our time, might have been very different if it were&#39;nt for films like &quot;The Great Train Robbery&quot;
Seeing this film is an amazing experience. Forget that it was made in 1903, has no sound, and a fixed camera, there was no dolly at that time. It is actually entertaining, because there is action in the film from beginning to end. Look at the way the bad guys are dressed, it is basically like the westerns of the 50s and 60s. This film made me believe that westerns may become popular again, it made me realize that action is the heart of the western. Over the years this genre has become increasingly intellectual, forgetting its roots. The last scene, where the bad guy shoots at the audience, is not much related to what was happening before, but it is unexpected and amusing.

The Great Train Robbery is a public domain movie. It can be downloaded from<br/><br/>or viewed here;ob=av1n&amp;feature=mv_sr
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